soundcloud music promotionSo, you have created a new track that was KILLER, hit the upload button, write off buying Soundcloud plays and followers and waited for plays and followers to begin pouring in to hear your new musical masterpiece that was amazing. Sadly, all you heard were crickets.

It does not matter how amazing your music is. Your SoundCloud page CONTINUES TO BE likely to be a ghost town without marketing your music because you are losing a crucial part of the puzzle. The rule of thumb is: spend 1/3 of your time creating epic music and spend 2/3 of your time promoting that music.

Below are our ten tips for any aspiring artists that will help actively promoting your music.

1. Make EPIC Music Often

In case you are too frightened of criticism, or in case you can’t ever end many loops and WiPs, then you are not likely to get much.

You must push yourself to FINISH your tracks, and spend some time to create them seem wonderful – they must not be too persistent, they ought to not be excessively complex and hard to listen to, they need to make people feel something, whether it is delight or despair – whatever your goal is using the track.

You get the idea – also make lots of it and make the greatest music you can.

It is all about your priorities, although lots of you may say that you just do not have the time. Could you’ve used all of now and that time to make some epic music?

2. Consider Going “PRO”

$6 a month for SoundCloud’s Pro account will double your upload time, give you additional stats including plays by country, ability to pin tracks & playlists to the top of your profile with Spotlight and few powerful tools to help optimize your two thirds of your promoting efforts in less time.

become a soundcloud pro

Become a SoundCloud Pro today and enjoy deeper stats, more upload time, more features and control.

3. Offer Your Personal Tracks for Remixing

You may acquire some results that are satisfying and surprising, by which makes it clear in the name of your track that you will be providing the track for remixing. If your tracks are being remixed by individuals and sharing their remixes using their supporters, that will then help get your name out there.

4. Join Soundcloud Groups

The same as using Facebook communities, another thing you may do is use SoundCloud groups get more ears about it and to talk about your music.

Simply search by genre as well as other relevant key words for groups, join them and begin sharing your music. Why? As you might be able to share each tune with up to 75 groups, despite a SoundCloud account that is free!

Focus on groups that so are closely associated with your designs of music and have a lot of members. The larger the group, the more people would hear your music.

5. Facebook Groups

facebook groups logoYou are likely already an associate of a number of the groups on there, if you are already an enthusiastic Facebook enthusiast.

Here’s what you will do:

A. Search for your genres of music and narrow your search to groups
B. Join 20 to 30 Facebook groups related to your genre of music
C. Search for groups related to equipment like LMMS, Ableton, Logic Pro, GarageBand and join some of those groups too
D. Engage in the conversation; liking other people’s posts, responding to other people’s posts & adding VALUE to the comments
E. You need to share, drop a connection in each of these groups

6. Start DJing around your local town or city

Playing out in pubs and nightclubs can help you see how folks respond to your own music, help you make connections, build your fan base and also have a blast while carrying it out!

7. Tagging

Make your music is simply findable and searchable for individuals trying to find music in SoundCloud. The more labels, the more easy to discover as well as the more plays you’ll get. Here are a few thoughts for labels to provide your track:

– genre labels (and associated genres)
– similar design record label names
– artist names that are similar
– other similar tunes by other musicians that are popular

8. Forums

DJingThere’s about a forum for each kind of music online, and countless dialogs are occurring every day in newsgroups.

You get laser targeted ears in your music, which is totally free. There’s absolutely no other strategy that advertising your music in newsgroups in addition to works.

The strategy here is simply like with Facebook Groups and other social communities.

But remember – no one is gonna listen in case you only post links for your personal music without adding some worth and participating with other folks. Bring to dialogs post links. Trust me, you will get much more exposure and you will also get to know lots of peeps that are cool on the way!

9. Collaborate to Your New Connections

Here’s the attractiveness to do a cooperation: You get additional exposure to their fan base along with your own and do half the work. In addition, you help your friend by letting her or him get exposure to your entire fan base!

Collaborating also lets you find new techniques and strategies to making music how another person does it. This will help your abilities develop.

10. Hire a Marketing Company

Doing all the Soundcloud promotion by yourself is a time consuming task. As such, you need to “outsource” majority of the task, so that you’ll have more time to spend creating EPIC musics. Checkout the services offered by BuySCPlays and select which one fits best with your needs.

Services for buying Soundcloud plays, followers, likes, reposts and comments can be a very cost-effective way to get lots of listeners fast and boost your profile and tracks.


Remember, even the most amazing song in the world will not make heads nod if no one hears it. Hopefully you’ll see that the benefits you’ll get out of SoundCloud are directly related to how much effort you put into promoting it. Start Soundcloud promotion today and the more successful you’ll be.