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12 Inventive Ways to Get Free Plays on SoundCloud

As a budding artist, you know how valuable SoundCloud plays are. While your friends, family and existing followers always give you a minimum number of plays when you put your music out there, the real exposure lies in plays by SoundCloud users who have never heard your music before.

Remember, SoundCloud’s algorithm uses organic SoundCloud plays as a super important metric to decide who to showcase your music to. The more organic plays you manage to get, the higher and higher your music’s exposure will be.

Now, let’s get down to 11 rather inventive ways to get more SoundCloud plays, ways you mightn’t have thought of before.

12 Ways to Increase SoundCloud Plays Free

Demand attention from other SoundCloud users with nothing but your comments
Visit any popular social networking site and you will see that a smart, funny or clever comment always gets likes. Sometimes, comments get more likes than the original status message, YouTube Video or whatever is being shared.

Every comment you make is a backdoor to your profile page at SoundCloud, since it is hyperlinked back to your profile page. Now, this doesn’t mean that you go on a comment bombing spree. That will do more harm than good. Instead, look out for artists who are into the same kind of music that you are into. Visit their profile page and their album pages to see what people are saying about their music. Make a smart or clever comment offering something useful to the discussion. If you have a good grasp of the music being used, express yourself as an expert, but with some humility. Nobody likes a know it all. When you make a comment that makes sense, people tend to notice. Noticing your comment means that there is chance that they will want to know you more, wanting to visit your profile page. Once they do cross that bridge, there is a very good chance they will hit the play button to find out what your music is about.

Show off your social profile accounts on SoundCloud
SoundCloud postmalone
SoundCloud is very liberal when it comes to allowing you to show off your popular social handles right on your profile page. You can link out to Facebook, Twitter, your Tumblr or Google+ page by going into your profile settings and then adding those links in there.

How will this give you more SoundCloud plays? Not everyone who checks you out on SoundCloud is an avid SoundCloud user. Sometimes, they might be super active on Facebook or Twitter and might come upon your SoundCloud profile by chance. When they do stumble on your SoundCloud profile, guess what they will do to find out more about you? Look for you on Facebook or Twitter or whatever social network they are really into.

If you give them easy access to these profiles, there’s a good chance that they will give you exposure on that social network account. That exposure will again funnel back visitors to your SoundCloud page, as people will want to know what the fuss about your music is, back at SoundCloud!

Do a Cover, even if you hate doing it!
SoundCloud flameemojimusic
Not all musicians believe in doing covers. If you think doing a cover is akin to knocking off someone’s music, think about it another time. When you do a Cover, you are adding your style, personality and uniqueness to a great song. People actually love to listen to popular songs with a twist. Think of it as reincarnating music that is forgotten or past its heyday.

Just search for covers of popular songs on any site like SoundCloud or YouTube and you will see great cover music has millions of plays and views. The more popular your cover gets, the higher the chance it will right alongside the original song. When that happens, one out of two or three people who check out the original will want to check out your cover as well, possibly giving you SoundCloud plays for life!

If you are completely against Covers, try doing a Remix with enough originality infused into it, if that is what will allow you to sleep at night.

Research music that is trending on SoundCloud
Yes, your music is original and you want it that way. But, once in a while, it doesn’t hurt to create music that follows the trend. You will still be creating your own brand of music. The only difference is that you are now catering to a very large audience that is “into” a very specific music style at the moment.

SoundCloud trending music

An easy way to find out what is trending is to go to the “Most Played Weekly Tracks” on SoundCloud, in your genre. Once there, see if the style is something you can incorporate into your music. For all you know, infusing just a bit of trending music into your own music can mean the difference between good and great, at least in the eyes of the millions of music lovers out there!

Choose the right image for your album
Go to any SoundCloud page and try to consciously notice what captures your attention first. It is almost always the header image of a profile page or the album page. If the image is a stunning one, it instantly piques the interest of the listener, giving them assurance that you and music are the real deal. Having a bad image or even worse, not having a picture at all, does the complete opposite.

oceanlab sirens of the sea 4

There are plenty of websites on the Internet that sell insanely good images for just $1 or $2. You took two months to create your music. Why not take an hour to find a ridiculously good image to promote your music with?! It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Facebook is your friend

SoundCloud is a massive site. But, it pales in comparison to Facebook when it comes to daily users. You must at least make an attempt to put your SoundCloud music out on Facebook pages. Thankfully, sharing your SoundCloud music is incredibly simple on Facebook. All you have to do is copy paste the link to your SoundCloud track, album or your profile page into Facebook’s status message and Facebook will pull the snippet information automatically.

The share snippet will show your image (another reason why using a good image is very important), a brief description and the title of your profile, track or album page. You will also have the option to edit the share snippet, adding a little information to make it more personal to whoever you are sharing it with at FB.

Facebook groups is another goldmine where you can share your SoundCloud music to get more plays. But, please be very wary of oversharing on Facebook groups as Facebook page admins are a pesky bunch. If they think you are over-promoting yourself, they will toss you out of the group without as much as a warning. Share tastefully and only once in a while and you will be rewarded for it, with more SoundCloud plays and followers.

Giveaway stuff to promote your music
Now, don’t ignore this tip immediately, assuming that it will be ridiculously expensive. People get excited about even inexpensive freebies like a nice T-shirt that isn’t all that expensive to have done. There are tons of T-Shirt printing sites out there that will print your album or SoundCloud profile’s name on the T-Shirt, along with a trendy message or image of course. Then, you can have a contest to decide who gets these T-shirts.

In all, a promotion like this might cost you just about $50, sometimes even less. The reach it can give you on the other hand can be worth hundreds, even thousands if done right. Having the occasional contest or giveaway also gives the user an incentive to come back to your SoundCloud page once in a while, in hopes of seeing another contest or giveaway!

You can get pretty creative with contests. For example, you can tell viewers that the T-Shirt will be awarded to that person who has the most Twitter followers amongst all participating contestants, and when he or she has shared your music or album track on their social profile page.

Oh, and always remember to use a little branding on your prizes or gifts. Mention your SoundCloud handle in a subtle manner and it will get at least a handful of extra people to check you out.

Leverage your music’s existing popularity as Social Proof
What the heck is Social Proof, you might ask? It is just a concept or method where you show proof that you are already a popular musician, to again popularize your music leveraging your existing popularity.

For example, when you share your SoundCloud track on Facebook or Twitter, you can say something like “Listen to this track of mine that has already gotten over 10,000 plays at SoundCloud! HOT!” When people see this, they see it as proof that your music has already worked to impress thousands of people. It raises the chances of your music being played, heard and shared, all of which give you a much better chance at increasing plays.

Tell people a story to make them listen to your music
For some people, reading engages them more than listening to music. If you have a blog about music and you write about why and how you make your music, there’s a good chance that it will appeal to a ton of avid blog readers out there. The blogosphere is a huge massive space in the digital world.

Creating a blog is free if you are not too picky about having a website of your own. Just log onto a site like WordPress and you can have a blog up and running in half an hour! Even if you only want a blog on a website you can call your own, you can do it for less than $100 a year. Publishing a blog using a free content management software or CMS is free, simple and extremely versatile in terms of what it can let you do.

Sharing your SoundCloud is as easy as copy pasting your SoundCloud music link! In some cases, you might have to use an embed button to integrate SoundCloud music into your blog but even this only takes a couple of button clicks.

This strategy is something you must particularly leverage if you already have a blog with active readers. They love your writing. Why not expose them to your music as well! They will only be too happy to hear it if you just gave them the chance! Start sharing those SoundCloud links!

Find a good Subreddit on Reddit
Reddit used to be a quirky site before, only being checked out by a very niche audience, with rather peculiar interests. It is a completely different equation now. It is now the #4th ranked website in the USA and the 8th most popular site in the whole world! Shocked? Well, now you know.

Reddit has what is called Subreddits where you can find small sections with thousands of followers who are very specifically into a certain type of music. Once you have found a good Subreddit match, become a good community member first and then introduce the Subreddit to your music.

If your music is good and appeals to them, it might just take off. A word of caution though. The Reddit community hates blatant self-promotion. You have to be classy about the way you share or you will get booted and name called as a spammer, never to be able to introduce your music to a Reddit user again.

Be active on music related forums
Forums are a fantastic place to become a user at. More specifically, try to become a member at music forums like 4Chan, Music Blogging, Reddit Hip Hop Heads, Vinyl Collective or the hundreds of other forums out there. Once inside of a forum, be an active member who contributes to the thousands of discussions about music.

Rap Genius

Once you have established yourself as a member, you can introduce forum members to your music. If you have been an upstanding member at the forum, fellow members will only be happy to check out your music.

There you have it! 11 not so very common ways to get more free plays for your precious SoundCloud Music. Now, hold on a second there – what is the 12th way to get SoundCloud plays? Yes, you heard it right, 100% free. All you have to do is visit here to Get 1000+ Free SoundCloud Plays and claim your free SoundCloud plays today!

There you have it all. Even if these methods don’t give you the results you are after, don’t be disheartened! You can always buy SoundCloud plays and followers to give yourself the initial viral nudge that will then organically grow on its own!