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3 Bankable SoundCloud Music Promotion Strategies

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Making good music is hard. Getting people to listen to your painstakingly created music is even harder! Let’s face it. Not everyone is a celebrity to simply post their music and watch it go viral. It takes work. Sometimes, a lot of work.

That being said, let’s look at 3 strategies that you can use to promote your Soundcloud music. It is definitely doable, with some effort on your part.

Leveraging social media reach to promote SoundCloud music

Social media marketing is not about just posting a Facebook status message or a Twitter tweet and then waiting for magic to happen. If that is all you did, all you are going to hear is just crickets. Your friends and family might gladly help you with likes and shares but you are going to need more than that to truly widen your audience.

Here are some tips to get more out of social media

  • Ask for shares, likes and tweets!

    Most Soundcloud musicians also have active Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts. If you ask nicely, people do share your content or posts on these social networks. Gaining exposure from these other social networks is as good as improving your exposure on Soundcloud. At the end of the day, you want your music to be heard. It doesn’t matter where it happens.

    Thousands of surveys have shown that YouTube videos, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets get more shares, retweets and likes when posters simply ask for it. Now, remember that there is an audience on all these social media sites that absolutely hate posters asking for shares and likes. You are definitely going to alienate them. But, it is a small price you may consider paying as the majority positively respond to being asked to show a little love.

    Even if you do ask for people to share content, it is important that you don’t do it blatantly. Just mention it is in passing without sounding desperate. Make it sound casual and fun. You can also do things like tell people to dislike your videos on YouTube if they don’t like the video. If your videos are good, nobody is going to go out of their way to dislike it. If anything, they will see you as an honest person just asking for likes, but only if it is worth it to them.

  • Engage your audience
    Simply posting status messages and Tweets about your music is not going to cut it, as mentioned before. But, if you instead engaged your audience, you are going to get so much more activity back in return. Ask questions, invite comments, hold contests or even announce the occasional freebies and giveaways to keep your fans interested.

    Once you start to build a rapport, you will notice that your posts about Soundcloud music get a lot more attention than usual.

  • Maximize Soundcloud’s profile connections to your other social media accounts
    Soundcloud is very liberal in the way it allows your Soundcloud profile to display your Facebook page account, Twitter account, Instagram account, YouTube channel and even your Tumblr pages. You must ensure that you have correctly linked your profile to all these other very popular social media sites.

    This is important because a lot of Soundcloud users might not actually spend a lot of time at Soundcloud. Instead, they might make a quick stop at Soundcloud and then move on to their favorite social platform like Facebook or Twitter. Your profile links to those social media sites might just be the gateway they are looking for. Just because someone doesn’t follow you on Soundcloud doesn’t mean they don’t follow you elsewhere!

Make use of tastemakers
A tastemaker could be just anyone who can help promote your music. They usually promote your music because they simply like it. Picking unknown music talent and showcasing it to their following is pretty much all they do.

Bloggers, Radio DJs, YouTubers or even a Reddit community big shot can expose your music to thousands and sometimes even millions of people, all in a matter of hours!

But, just like with leveraging social media reach, you must go about contacting tastemakers carefully. First, understand what sort of music these tastemakers usually promote. If your music isn’t something they usually share or like, chances are that they won’t ever share it. Go after tastemakers who like music very similar to yours, even if it is only a few.

When you contact tastemakers, it also makes sense to be prepared. Have some marketing material. Some branding related to your band, with logos, a schedule to all the dates and places where you are going to be performing are all good material that will show the tastemaker that you are serious about your music. Look up what constitutes a press kit and try to get one ready for your band. It will come in handy when the tastemaker is willing to showcase you and quickly wants marketing material to get the ball rolling.

Do more within SoundCloud
There’s a lot you can do within SoundCloud to get more traction for your music. Just posting your music is only the bare minimum you can do. For starters, start joining SoundCloud groups. It is a very popularly used feature in SoundCloud. Groups are fantastic because there are a lot of users with a very common interest. And that common interest can be your music.

Groups can get pretty specific in SoundCloud. Like for example, some groups can narrow down to your town. Try to spend some time to find groups that will be worthwhile to follow. Chances are that there will be more than a few. Participating in groups will inevitably lead to offline meets where you can powerfully network. This sort of networking will indirectly dramatically improve your SoundCloud following, while bringing you more gigs and even traction on other social media sites.

You can also do other simple things like follow others who have a similar taste in music and by doing something as simple as leaving a comment. Remember, there are a lot of other people trying just as hard as you to get some momentum going on SoundCloud and they will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

It takes a little bit of work but just being active on SoundCloud will have a slow but far reaching ripple effect in the long run.

Now, even if you did everything suggested here, things can sometimes be frustratingly slow in terms of getting exposure to your music. When your patience is really being tested, you may consider our SoundCloud plays service, reposts, buying followers or even buying Soundcloud comments. A little help can get a snowball rolling, one that gathers momentum that might otherwise unfortunately just not happen.