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It is an undeniable fact that musical promotion has been made easier with SoundCloud nowadays. With that, anyone can upload, share and promote their music on a wider platform that has millions of listeners around the world. However, getting your music heard and shared can be a real challenge, more so if you’re a new artist. Often songs with no Likes might create an impression that the listeners did not really love what they hear. As such, it is really important to have reasonable amount of Likes on your songs to show that listeners enjoy what they hear and this obviously would help you standout among the other musicians. The easiest and the most instant way to make your tracks standout is to buy Likes on SoundCloud. We have a wide range of Sound Cloud Likes packages that you might want to consider to buy which can give you a head start over your competitors.

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Let us make this clear. By all means, you can take the chance and use all the available avenue to market your own tracks manually day by day or you can consider our advise to get SoundCloud likes and be on fast lane towards reaching your goal. Anyone can market their tracks but it really takes time, plenty of learning on marketing and marketing experiences of others; and it ample of time to master the methods that actually work in music promotions. However, using our SoundCloud services you can buy low cost Sound Cloud Likes which would help you achieve the same but on a fast track. We believe, obviously you are aware of the importance of obtaining likes on SoundCloud otherwise you would not have made a pit stop at our website. We are here to help you, guide you and listen to you.

Buying SoundCloud Likes

Inconsistant likes can be unhealthy as well. Having likes on one or two tracks is simply not enough. You need to ensure that you gain Sound Cloud Likes on all the tracks within your profile. As the number of likes is a direct indication on number of people that enjoy listening to your music, new visitors landing on your profile might tend to choose to listen to a track with most SoundCloud plays and likes. As such, the other tracks would get less attention from them. Contrary to that, if you have a large amount of likes and plays on all of your tracks the chance of them listening to all tracks that you have uploaded is much higher. The benefit of using our service is that you can spread or split the likes over a number of tracks thus all your tracks receive reasonable amount of likes. It is all about method used. A good mix of plays, downloads, followers, reposts, comments and likes but at a healthy looking rate will move you up quickly within SoundCloud’s search engine.

Where to Purchase SoundCloud Likes

The obvious answer to the question above – the best place to buy Likes on SoundCloud is here with us! Feel free to check out our site and choose from the variety of packages we have for you. When it comes to providing real SoundCloud likes at a low cost and quick delivery, remember this – we’ve got your back. Make the right choice today and get real SoundCloud Likes to your tracks.

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Frequent Questions & Answers

  • Whats is the highest package for likes?
    • Our highest package would be 50,000 likes but we can deliver anywhere from 100 up to max package. Place order today and we’ll get it delivered to your track.

  • When will I get my likes?
    • We process orders within 24-48 hours and after that you would notice likes would increase gradually. Generally the turnaround time is as follows:

      100 SoundCloud Likes — 2~3 Days
      250 SoundCloud Likes — 3~5 Days
      500 SoundCloud Likes — 5~7 Days
      1k SoundCloud Likes — 7~10 Days
      2k SoundCloud Likes — 1~2 Weeks
      5k SoundCloud Likes — 3~4 Weeks
      10k SoundCloud Likes — 5~6 Weeks
      20k SoundCloud Likes — 7~9 Weeks

  • Are the prices cheap?
    • We would say it is very much cheap and costs as low as $0.035/CPM (1,000 likes). It is not surprising if it costs you up to tens of dollars per CPM elsewhere. Check us out today and boost your track likes.

  • Is buying likes at BuySCPlays anonymous?
    • You bet! We constantly improve and only use 100% safe, anonymous and proven methods to promote your music tracks. Safety of your account is our primary concern.

  • Will others know I bought likes?
    • Not that we are aware of. All likes delivered by us are from real people and would gradually increase. We use organic methods, no bots. So it is 100% safe.

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