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When you want to become a renowned name in the music industry, then the most important aspect is to gain the attention of other artists and the listeners as well. The good news for you is that SoundCloud services can prove to be your first step towards success. The SoundCloud Music is ranked by genre, popularity and the track tag usage. When your music is listened to, commented or liked, then it will increase the rank. Moreover, you also need to have followers on SoundCloud. Get free SoundCloud plays now when claim your trial SoundCloud plays for free and explore this most trusted service by BuySCPlays further. Try one of our targeted promotion packages of SoundCloud.
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Setting Up Your SoundCloud Profile

To avail, the free SoundCloud plays increaser the first step is to setup your SoundCloud Profile. To setup your profile you will need to enter your email address on the sign-in page. You will need to enter your password and age as well.

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Next, you should set your display name and mention your age. Now your profile has been created. You can set up a display image as well. You can upload your albums and tracks on your profile.

You can also make use of various apps offered by SoundCloud for adding tracks to your playlist. When you have setup your profile, you can event share your music tracks on your social media platforms.

How to Gain Listeners Through SoundCloud

The DJ’s often tend to scour SoundCloud when they are searching for a new track that they would use for the mix. The DJ’s usually search for certain keywords when they are looking for hits for their mix.

This way you do stand a chance of success. It is quite understandable that initially, you would not be quite interested in making any investments or paying for service.

Therefore, you can even try out Free SoundCloud plays. The service does not have any specific requirements in this regard except for the notes mentioned below the form.