General FAQ

  • Are you an established company?
    • We have many satisfied customers who think so. Feel free to read what they say about us in the review segment.

      Some of the things that set us apart:
      1. We never ask for your Social Media / Soundcloud login information or password.
      2. You can checkout securely with popular payment methods including All Major Credit Cards, Debit/ATM Cards & PayPal.
      3. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if we are unable to complete your order.
      4. Our services include a Retention Guarantee, to ensure results are long-term.

  • How does your Money Back Guarantee work?
    • Most of our services include a 100% Money Back Guarantee, which means if we don’t deliver, we will provide a full refund. There are some exceptions though to this, so please read our terms of service. Nevertheless, if you feel we have not fulfill our promise in delivering your order, you may request a full or partial refund. Just contact us here.

  • What is BuySCPlays?
    • BuySCPlays is a distinct Social Media Marketing company dedicated to the objective of increasing your social media presence and credibility with guaranteed results. While striving hard to keep our prices low and competitive, we always offer the highest-quality service in the industry with unparalleled customer support.

  • What type of payments does BuySCPlays accept?
    • PayPal – PayPal Account, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, & JBC

      Currently we do not accept offline payment methods such as checks, money orders and cash.


Soundcloud FAQ

  • Are your SoundCloud Plays from Real People?
    • Yes. All SoundCloud plays are from real people. No bots! We utilize organic methods to promote your tracks and deliver real plays. However, listeners are likely un-targeted.

  • Can I add buy Likes, Reposts, and Comments?
    • Yes! You can order all of those services when you purchase Soundcloud Plays.

  • Can I promote more than one track at a time?
    • Absolutely! No problem at all. Just make sure you purchase one of our plans that support multiple tracks. Then enter a unique URL for each track that you’d like to have plays increased. We would split up the plays evenly if you have more than 1 track.

  • Do I risk getting penalized by SoundCloud?
    • Never! Our service is absolutely safe, because it complies with SoundCloud’s Terms of Service. We promote your tracks using organic methods such as on high-traffic websites or through social media to get real plays from real people.

  • How many plays can you deliver to a single track?
    • We can deliver over 1 Million SoundCloud plays to a single track. Our 1 Million SoundCloud Plays package is available for $70.

  • What SoundCloud Services does BuySCPlays offer?
    • We offer the following services to help you boost your SoundCloud popularity and get your talent noticed.

      1. SoundCloud Plays
      2. SoundCloud Followers
      3. SoundCloud Likes
      4. SoundCloud Reposts
      5. SoundCloud Comments

  • Do you guarantee my followers?
    • Certainly. Our service have the highest follower retention in the industry and we include a 1-Year Retention Guarantee. In the rare case that you lose followers, we’ll gladly replace them for free.

      Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

  • Is your Service Anonymous?
    • Absolutely. Our service is completely discrete and anonymous. We never share your information with anyone. The safety of your account is our number one concern.

  • My Order Hasn’t Started Yet!?
    • We normally start orders within 1 to 2 business days. However, delays due to maintenance or upgrades may occur occasionally. If your order hasn’t started after 2 days, feel free to let us know.

  • What are your customer support hours?
    • Our US-based support team is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm (EST). Support inquires within this time are typically answered within few hours.

      Inquires outside of our normal hours will take longer to receive a response (up to 1 business day).

  • What’s your Refund Policy?
    • We offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with our service (some restrictions apply). Our main aim is always to keep you, our valuable customer completely happy. $ is secondary.

  • Why did my order stop early?
    • Occasionally you may experience pauses or breaks as we deliver your order. This is absolutely normal and your order should still be completed within schedule.

      However, for orders on plays if you make tracks private or change anything about them after we started your order we shall stop delivering plays and the order shall be consider delivered successfully.

  • Will my Account or Video get banned?
    • Never! We utilizes every safety measures and safeguard in protecting our valuable clients’ accounts. We guarantee the safety of all accounts with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee.