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How to Get More Views for Your YouTube Videos?

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When it comes to YouTube and how they rank your videos, view count and likes rule supreme. The more likes and views your video gets, the more and more exponentially popular your video becomes. While things can go very viral beyond a certain point, like say 10,000 views or 1,000 likes, the initial promotion push will mostly have to come from you.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can increase YouTube views.

Better content
Believe it or not, videos with awful tagging, bad titling and useless descriptions manage to get a little popular if the video content is very good. Something original, something funny, a great voice over or commentary, something well scripted and a video that is shot well are all great attributes for a video. Take a look at your existing videos that you tried putting up on YouTube and see if they can be improved. There must be a few obvious improvement areas. Lighting, scripting, casting, subject matter, music, editing and screenplay are all areas to consider. If they can be improved, you must make those improvements in your future videos. It will take effort but reward doesn’t come without effort.

Remember, YouTube is an extremely competitive video sharing site and there are probably tens if not hundreds or even thousands of people doing the same thing you are. You need to stand out to make yourself count.

Title, description and tags
Adding a great title with a SEO (search engine optimization) keyword, description and tags is not magically going to give you thousands of views but it certainly can help. When you initially put your video out on YouTube, the onus is mostly on you to promote it yourself. But, a good title or description will show your video to a few people with search queries that match your titles and descriptions. If they like the video or even just watch it fully, YouTube will push it higher up the rank charts which means that it will start showing up for more search terms or show higher up in the rankings for search queries that match your titles or tags or descriptions.

Get people to subscribe
Chances are that people who like your videos on your own will most likely like your other videos as well. They might like your personality, your way of looking at things or your expertise on the subject matter. Whatever may be the case, you must leverage this affinity towards you by asking them to be subscribers to your channels. Once subscribed, they will get a chance to see a video every time you put a fresh one out there. Getting the view count and like count rolling with the help of a subscriber base is actually how some of the most popular channels on YouTube work. It is a plan that just doesn’t go wrong as long as you have a decent subscriber number.

Buy YouTube views
Now, this isn’t advice we will give to everyone. If done wrong, YouTube can easily ban your videos for buying view counts, as it is against their terms of service. But, with the right service that is established in providing legal YouTube views, you can pay your way to 1,000 views, 10,000 views or even a million views! Like said before, things can go viral on their own, after you manage to reach a certain view count. Getting a little help to get to that point can sometimes be a very smart thing to do, to make your video get the exposure you think it deserves.

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