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Why You Must Not Ignore Social Media Marketing?

If you create music and use a site like SoundCloud, hoping to get your music out there to hundreds, thousands or hopefully millions of fans, you must not ignore the power of social media marketing. If you do ignore it, you are doing so at great peril of being bitterly unsuccessful with your plans for world domination!

The world is moving towards social media marketing. Take a look at some of the most visited websites in the U.S. and you will obviously see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and sites like YouTube, all websites driven by a very strong social networking structure.

Only social media marketing gives you the power to start marketing with as little as $5, to reach out to people with very, very specific interests.

Take Facebook advertising for example. It is often the most targeted medium when it comes to social media marketing. Why? Because Facebook makes it so easy for you to laser target your audience. For example, with just a $5 spend, you can decide to put your music in front of only men in the age group of 20-25, who like Abercrombie & Fitch, who like Charlie Puth and also only those people who meet all of the above criteria, but only if they don’t like Rock music! How’s that for super selective targeting? Facebook allows you to do all that with a click of a few buttons.

Of course, it helps to have content that is social friendly. Whether it is your Soundcloud page or your Facebook page that you are trying to promote, it is very important that it has important social elements like a good cover image, posts that are social friendly, high quality images and text snippets that are short, attention grabbing, clever, funny, witty and sharable.

While you have the most chance of going viral with social media marketing as opposed to any other type of marketing, it is important to know that not everything goes viral on social media. Your content needs to be worthy of being shared. A good way to figure out what is share worthy amongst your target audience is to look at peers who are similar to you, to see what sort of content they are creating to be successful on social media. Use that as inspiration to create content for your own fan page or profile page.

If your business, service, brand or profile page is looking for some serious audience, it even makes sense to outsource your digital media marketing to a professional company that will have immense leverage to give you exposure that you can only otherwise dream of. Of course, this will come at a cost. But, when you pay professional costs, you also get a much higher chance of engaging in social media marketing that produces fantastic results, giving you great ROI on your marketing spend.

So, to reiterate the importance of social media marketing, it is high time you gave it considerable thought, time and effort so your business, service, brand or profile doesn’t miss out on the enormous potential that comes with leveraging social media marketing.