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Should You Purchase SoundCloud Plays?

If you create music in a very competitive or saturated niche, let’s say like Hip Hop, the fact of the matter is that it is extremely hard to get visibility. You put out a great song after hours, weeks or even months of effort and hope for it to go viral and all you get is the sound of silence. Nobody even listens to your track, let alone share it!

What’s a musician to do in a situation like this? Most musicians simply give up and move on to something else or just continue what they are doing, without expecting reward, thinking their time will come someday.

Then, there are the hustlers who know that their music will do well if only they can give it the initial momentum it so badly needs. In case you did not know, SoundCloud uses an algorithm where songs that begin to get plays get more and more exposure, while songs that get no plays are hardly featured as a suggested song anywhere on the site.

If you can’t get anybody to play your songs no matter how hard you try, it makes sense to buy a few plays to get your SoundCloud song rolling. Remember, all it takes is just a few plays to get the ball rolling on SoundCloud. The algorithm will then start to feature your songs as “recommended for you” to a lot of listeners and some will invariably check you out. If they like your song and begin to share, comment or favorite it, the snowball effect is going to get bigger and bigger.

Now, if you are buying Soundcloud plays, it is important that you buy it from a reputed service, like BuySCPlays. Unlike most other service providers that provide bot plays or plays generated by junk accounts created with mass creation software, a high quality provider like BuySCPlays gives you plays from actual accounts on SoundCloud, accounts that are logged into and used every day.

Now, this doesn’t mean that all your plays are going to be laser targeted to your niche or type of music. It will rather be a general selection of real SoundCloud accounts with varying interests in music. But, even this is enough to give your song the initial momentum it needs as many of even the generally targeted SoundCloud users who play your song will be curious about the type of music you make, giving it a comment, share or like or follow. You will also run into a few handful of people who randomly play your song thanks to a service that lets you buy SoundCloud plays, to then share it on their stream, exposing your song to a large group of targeted listeners.

Some of the most popular SoundCloud profiles today were profiles that hardly had any attention when they first started out. Sheer hard work, persistence and a few clever marketing ploys like buying plays from selective providers all helped them get the ball rolling, to become who they are today.

So, if you were on the fence about buying a SoundCloud play service, you needn’t be wary of it anymore. Just make sure you choose a legitimate provider of plays and you will be good to go.