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Simple Tips to Get Super Exposure at Twitter

Twitter works so well for some people while it is just dead space for many. If you belong to the latter category, here are simple tips that will allow you to finally start seeing some results like retweets, favorites and more Twitter followers.

Find successful Twitter people who do the same thing you do
This is basically a tip to be a copycat. Well, you won’t be copying someone’s tweet or anything but you must get a sense of what strategies the successful Twitterati use to promote their tweets. Find popular people who have the same kind of profile, business, service, brand or voice as you do and emulate how they connect with their audience, using whatever techniques they use. You will invariably notice that you were doing things wrong and now you will have some direction to strategize your Twitter marketing. Of course, one recipe never fits all Twitter audiences but it will certainly give your radar some clarity when it comes to understanding what better works on Twitter.

Follow the 80% 20% rule
The 80-20 rule has a lot of applications and one of them is at twitter. Of course, here it is the 80% information and 20% promotion rule. If you are doing nothing but promoting all the time, people will never follow you. Even worse, you will lose followers steadily! There’s a chance you will even get reported for spamming that can lead to your account being banned!

For every 10 tweets, 8 have to be informational, funny, witty or just any message that doesn’t promote anything. Only 2 out of 10 posts are tweets where you can promote stuff, even that only if you are being very tactful.

Stay consistent, at all times
The most successful Twitter accounts are those that have a very consistent theme to them. For instance, some of the most retweeted people at Twitter are those who post short sarcastic and funny comments, all the time. They do it about current affairs, news, trending topics or just about anything. The key is that they are consistent and people follow those kind of Twitter accounts as they want more of it, as and when it comes out, because they know that is what you do.

Be open to paid Twitter promotion
Did you know that it is possible to get retweets and also more twitter followers by paying certain sums of money? BuySCPlays, among the reputed and longstanding service providers out there can provide you with a minimum number of retweets or followers for a certain fixed some. We ensure that your retweets and followers are from real Twitter accounts that are being used every day. When you start to get more followers or more retweets, you just have so many more eyeballs looking at your tweets, giving you exponentially increased Twitter exposure, for the price of a very small marketing spend. Just be sure not to buy retweets or followers from cheap non-established services that give you nothing but retweets and follows from accounts that are created just for the sake of giving you a retweet and follow.