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Why You Should Buy SoundCloud Followers

One of the most successful ways to build a fan base on SoundCloud is to increase SoundCloud followers from a trusted supplier such as BuySCPlays. We comply with SoundCloud’s terms and conditions and thus when you purchase followers from us you will not have your account banned or suspended. We use genuine methods and marketing to bring you real Sound Cloud followers that will not drop. Our service have the highest follower retention in the industry and we include a 1-Year Retention Guarantee.

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Persuading individuals to follow and listen to your music in Sound Cloud is tiresome and frustrating. Buying more SoundCloud followers can be a crucial step in your online music marketing strategy, unless you have incredible luck. Increase fans, boost your fame and grab the attention of the agents and record companies that look around Sound Cloud. The best way to guarantee that you will have the opportunity to be distinguished on this platform is to buy active SoundCloud followers.

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Purchasing SoundCloud followers gets you stand out in the over-crowded music industry and you should consider increasing your SoundCloud plays together to be more effective. We came across of increase in the number of artists making the choice to purchase Sound Cloud followers so that they have more of a chance gaining the attention of big record companies. Buying followers will boost your popularity and give more credibility.

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There are many online sites that are offering similar service. We are one of top sites that offer the low cost deals that will surely give value to your money. We are known to be one of the most trusted service provider that have the full capabilities to deliver Sound Cloud followers within the scheduled time – we include a 90-Day Retention Guarantee. Purchase here with us and kickstart a successful Sound Cloud career now! Also, never forget to checkout our other services such as downloads, reposts, comments and likes.

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Our customers satisfaction is our top priority! As such, our service includes a 100% Money-Back Guarantee in the event we’re unable to deliver as promised. We also provide a Retention Guarantee for the followers we deliver to ensure our customers have peace of mind knowing their interest is protected. Feel free to contact our Support Team if you ever have any questions or problem. We’ll be more than happy to help you!

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Frequent Questions & Answers

  • Will others find out I bought followers?
    • Not at all. All followers delivered by us are from real people and would gradually increase. We use organic methods, no bots. So it is 100% safe.

  • Is buying followers at BuySCPlays safe?
    • Absolutely! We only use 100% safe and proven methods to promote your profile, and we never use any risky methods. Safety of your account is our primary concern.

  • Are the costs reasonable?
    • Our pricing is very much competitive and costs as low as $0.035/CPM (1,000 followers). Similar service might costs you up to tens of dollars per CPM. Order today and make your profile credibility stand out.

  • Whats is the max followers you can deliver?
    • We are capable of deliver anywhere from 100 to 50,000 followers. Just feel free to place order and we’ll get it delivered to your track.

  • When will I get my followers?
    • Orders are processed within 24-48 hours after-which followers would increase gradually. Generally the turnaround time is as follows:

      100 SoundCloud Followers — 2~3 Days
      250 SoundCloud Followers — 3~5 Days
      500 SoundCloud Followers — 5~7 Days
      1k SoundCloud Followers — 7~10 Days
      2k SoundCloud Followers — 1~2 Weeks
      5k SoundCloud Followers — 3~4 Weeks
      10k SoundCloud Followers — 5~6 Weeks
      20k SoundCloud Followers — 7~9 Weeks

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