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SoundCloud Promotion Strategies That Just Might Get You Actually Heard!

Marketing on SoundCloud is a tough grind. You probably already know that, if you are here reading this article. While you might already know that great music and a frequently updated SoundCloud page increases your chances of getting popular, you sometimes need to go the extra mile to get yourself heard on SoundCloud.

That is what this post is intended for. We will introduce you to tips and strategies that are rather uncommon and not used by everyone, but quite capable of finding those extra ears who will listen to your music, at SoundCloud.

That being said, let’s delve right into those strategies.

Update your page every day! Doesn’t always have to be music!

Keeping your SoundCloud page updated is a fantastic way of increase the chances of SoundCloud’s algorithm picking you up as an artist to showcase as a recommended artist. Too many people think updating their SoundCloud page is just about updating music.

That isn’t the case at all. Actually, it would be impossible to post new music every day, let alone great music! But, there are other ways to update your page on a daily basis.

How about just a message to your fans. Just thank them for their loyalty, ask them for their feedback or even suggestions on how you can improve your music. You can get them more personally involved as well. For example, you can introduce a little remix content for your best song, encouraging your fans to come up with their versions.

Blogging is another great update. You can blog about your life as a musician, about how you write your songs or what inspires you to make the kind of music you do. Just update your SoundCloud page with a link to your blog, with a short note describing your latest blog post to your fans.

Using Instagram is always a fantastic way to easily and quickly engage your SoundCloud fans. Post pictures from your band’s journey. Fans love to get to know more about the people behind the music and Instagram photos can do that so easily, while making your SoundCloud page look exciting to both fans and SoundCloud’s algorithm. Vimeo lets you use short videos much the same way Instagram lets you use pictures to market yourself or your band. Vimeo can be used to showcase little teasers of your song or just a collage of clips of your band’s day out in the normal world or just to show behind the scenes of your music production.

All these little insights greatly increase your brand’s interactive power and with it comes the chance of more followers and interest in your music.

Create a band website

While SoundCloud gives you great freedom to post music, messages or photos, you can only do it the SoundCloud way, using their platform. But, if you decide to put up a website for your brand, you can portray your band and your music any way you want. You are only limited by the skills of a web developer you can hire and there are magicians out there who can make your site look like a million bucks, for less than $100. Buying an owning a website isn’t expensive either. Grab a domain for less than $10 a year and get high quality hosting for another $5 to $8 a month. You don’t even need a developer if you are all right with a site that uses a template or CMS like WordPress. Buying a website, hosting it and displaying your first blog post is something you can do in under 10 minutes from now!

Once you have a website, you can post bios, embed your videos, post a gallery page, create pages with interactive forms and even begin interactive discussions with visitors who comment on your page. If you don’t want to spend even a little on a website, you can do it for free at a website like Tumblr. But, bear in mind that visitors can easily get distracted by other pages at Tumblr that are often promoted or featured while a visitor is on your Tumblr page. However, with an exclusive website, you don’t have such a problem as a visitor only focuses on your band.

Promote your website constantly on SoundCloud. On your website, you can add an email sign up form to capture your visitor or fan’s email address. Once you have an email, you essentially have a direct way of contacting fans on a personal basis, forever!

Work with other bands

There are other bands just like yours. They might have great music but not the kind of following that they would like to have. You scratch their back and they will scratch yours. Get in touch with bands at other SoundCloud page (as long as you think they are a fit for your type of music) and tell them that you are interested in a little cross promotion.

There is absolutely no harm in telling them that you will mention their band on your page if they could probably do the same on their page. This gives you added exposure as some of the other page’s followers will surely begin to follow you as well, as long as your music is in a similar sort of genre.

Keep doing this cross promotion a few times and you have an exponential way to market your music and your SoundCloud page for free, to very targeted visitors.

Cross-Promotion might not always work though. Some bands might be more popular than yours and will not want to waste their precious exposure on just easily promoting another band. In such cases, don’t ask for a cross promotion. Instead, send them over a cover of one of your tracks and ask them what they think about it. Though not everyone will respond, some will genuinely give you feedback and sometimes even post the cover on their SoundCloud feed, introducing your music to their many fans. You can also tag popular bands on your SoundCloud page, without telling them that you are doing so. They will appreciate the goodwill and will surely come check out your music as well. They might just return the favor for you!

We hope these unconventional ways to promote yourself on SoundCloud give you at least a bit of a marketing edge. If you are having a real tough time promoting yourself, you can also consider giving yourself a boost by plonking down a small amount of money that will allow you to buy SoundCloud plays or SoundCloud followers. Such paid promotion might just be the little help you need to make your other marketing strategies begin to finally pay off.

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